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Vrouwe Nele

LOCATION Willebroek VENUE TYPE Authentic ship EVENT TYPES Meetings, Teambuildings, Seminars, Executive Meeting, Reception, Birthday, Wedding, Goodbye Rituals CAPACITY up to 50 people

Our beautiful two-masted sailing clipper is breathtaking. Built in 1896 and lovingly restored in 2022. This sailing venue makes a wonderful setting for your intimate event. Unique and special. Surprising and classy. Embark for a unique experience.

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The Clouds

Mechelen 20 people

Meeting in The Clouds will give your business ideas and conversations new perspectives. Located in the centre of Mechelen with an amazing view on the Sint-Romboutstoren. Parkings, fine restaurants, hotels and cabs are nearby. This historical venue was recently renovated with a lot of inspiring architectural – authentic elements.


Berlaar 80 to 200 people

The Slootjenshoeve radiates cosiness, warmth and security – confidentiality. Its rural location, surrounded by water, brings tranquillity. The ballroom, the authentic barn and the cosy courtyard provide space for realising creative ideas. Even overnight with family, friends or business teams after you event is possible in our authentic rooms. Feel welcome. Feel at home.

Hoeve De Vleug

Willebroek 10 to 400 people

Hoeve De Vleug is unique thanks to its elegant appearance, its green framing and its beautiful furnishings. The venue exudes class and exclusivity. The various rooms, the beautiful inner courtyard and the inspiring garden with spacious terrace offer endless possibilities. Welcome under our wings.

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Les Plumes organises business and private events of your dreams. It all starts by listening very carefully. Tell us your story and your desires so we can start writing together every chapter of your dream in detail. Always welcome to visit one or more of our venues. Our host will show you around and answer all of your questions.

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